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Basketball Officials Meeting

Sunday 12/10/23 at 3:00.

Calhoun Christian School. 20 Woodrow Ave. S. Battle Creek




Team A controls the opening tip when A4 secures the ball in their back court. A4 is however confused and drives toward the opponent's basket and attempts a layup. A4 misses the basket but rebounds the ball and then puts the ball in the basket. Who is credited with the basket and who gets the ball for the inbounds? Is it a spot inbounds or an end line inbounds?

You Make The Call:


You Need A Time Out. Go To Your Designated Spot!

As a child I was never given a “Time Out” for disciplinary purposes. My dad had different tactics. Today’s children often are required to take a “Time Out” to have time to reconsider their unacceptable actions. Usually they are sent to a special couch, chair or to their room. As officials we as well have a special place we need to go to for a “Time Out”. Where is it?

There are different spots depending on whether we are working a two man crew or a three man crew.

In 3-man mechanics, one official will administer the ball at the end of the Time Out, whether it is an in-bounds or a free throw. That official should take control of the ball and remain near the spot where play is to resume. The other two officials are to stand at the Free Throw Line on the side of the lane nearest the score table for a 30 second time out one official in each half court, or on the Free Throw Line on the side of the lane opposite the table for a 60 second time out.

2-man mechanics are different. One official places the ball near the spot where the play will resume 3' inside the cour to designated where play will resume while the other official reports the time out to the score table. The 2 officials will then stand on the Free Throw LIne on the end nearest the table for a 30 second time out and on the Free Throw line on the end farthest from the table for 60 second time out. Both officials face the table. In both 2 man and 3 man mechanics, when the warning horn sounds, the 2 officials standing on the Free Throw line move towards each team huddle and verbally say "first horn" and put index finger in air; then move to their resumption of play court positions. After the final horn, the administering official will blow whistle before resuming play or use resumption of play procedure if teams are not ready to play.

Are you interested in knowing who assigns basketball officials in your area?
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