R1 & R2 Prematch Prep

Ideally R1 & R2 should arrive at the match site 45-60 minutes prior to match start time. It would be nice if the host site would provide a room for them to meet and prepare for the match and leave their “stuff” in a secured area. This also give them a place to meet for a post-match discussion of what went right, what went wrong and what should be done different next time. It is ideal for both officials to report court side together but they should at least both be there 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

Net check is generally done by R1: height correct? Cables padded where needed? Stand is at a convenient height if adjustable?
Ball check is generally done by R2: are the balls all the same approved balls, you should have more than 1? Are they all the correct pressure?
Pre-match meeting: Sometime between 20 and 30 minutes prior to match start time R1 should call the coaches and captains to the table area for the pre-match meeting by hold the coin to be tossed in the air and blowing their whistle. You want to have this completed in time to start the 20 minute timed warm up period. Both R1 & R2 should stand at the table facing the court. R1 should have the team members introduce themselves and then introduce the officials to the teams; explain any ground rules that might pertain to this match; remind the coaches that their rosters are due at the table at the end of this meeting and their line ups are due at the 2 minute mark; remind and or confirm that all players are properly attired; and inform both teams if an extend intermission is to take place between sets 2 and 3. R1 should then ask R2 is they have anything to add. R1 then conducts the coin toss. The coin should be tossed and not flipped over upon catching with the visiting team calling the toss while the coin is in the air. If this does not happen or the coin is dropped, please re-flip. The court will be available for shared warm ups from 20-16 minutes at which time the home team will have the court.

The clock is now running at somewhere around 20 minutes. The entire Table Crew and support crew should be in place.
R1 needs to have a discussion with the line judges as to what is expected of them. The detail of this discussion depends on the experience of the line judges. Please try to have this discussion with all who might line judge the match if you have players who will change during the match.
R2 check with your score keeper and assistant score keeper (Libero tracker) to see if they need help. Remind them to notify you when either team has taken 15 subs or 2 time outs; remind them how to handle an incorrect server and to check every time a serve is made for a possible incorrect server; remind the Libero tracker what to do if the Libero replacement is not executed properly. Have the clock operator sound and audible horn at 20, 16, 12, 8, 4 and zero minutes to mark the end of each separate warm up period. R2 should give a warning whistle at 15 seconds prior to each period ending. If the teams are already on the court warming up you can forgo the 20 minute horn and whistle. R2 should also explain to the clock operator that the horn should end all timeouts. R2 will sound a warning whistle at 15 seconds remaining unless both teams are on the court ready to play prior to that time. In this case R2 should have the clock operator sound the horn and stop the clock. The clock operator should not stop the clock when he thinks the teams are ready that is the responsibility of the R2. If there are multiple matches occurring in the same gym the horn should not be used, replace it with the R2’s whistle.
During the rest of the warm up period both R1 and R2 should observe the teams warming up so as to get a feel for what might happen during the match.