Do Your Job As An Official

There have been a few instances recently where officials are not in my opinion doing their job of controlling the bench and coaches. In one instance a player was so upset by her play that during her team’s timeout she was cursing at the bench and kicked a water bottle across the court. I will grant you that issues like that should be dealt with by the coach but it is still an act of unsportsmanship and needs to be sanction by the official and if your excuse is you didn’t see it then you need to be more aware of what is happening during the timeout. As R2 you need not bury your head at the table and ignore the match during the T.O. I have heard of instances where a player is consistently using profanity on the court and at the bench. That too needs to be sanctioned. You need to not have “rabbit ears” but if most of the arena is aware of what is being said then you need to deal with the issue. Profanity is not acceptable from players or coaches no matter who it is directed to. In another instance after the final point of the match the coach charged across the court and yelled at the official concerning the last call. The match is now complete but again that type of behavior is not acceptable. The officials are in charge of the match until you leave the arena. Depending on how severe the complaint and charge across the court was it is completely within your power to disqualify the coach. That necessitates you writing a report to the state and that coach is then disqualified from coaching in their teams next match. We need to teach players and coaches proper decorum for the matches we officiate. Certain acts by coaches or players should never be tolerated, irrespective of whether or not your officiating is begging the response you are getting. In every match you officiate you are the judge and the jury. Control the match within the guidelines of the rules. The next official who encounters this team will thank you for doing your job.