Resolve TO Become A Better Official - It's Rewarding
As a volleyball official you are an independent contractor. You are assigned by an assigner and hired by a school to perform the task of officiating. Both the assigner and the school assume you have the skills to officiate the match in a fair and safe manner. You very likely feel you are doing the best job that you can. However what skills do you possess that will ensure that the job you do is up to the standards of the officiating community? What have you done to ensure that you know the rules to apply to this contest? Have you read and re-read the rule book? When was the last time you attended a training session or camp to find out what the most accepted current techniques are? Have you asked for input from others about your officiating skills? The MHSAA patch on your sleeve does nothing to insure you are a quality official.
If you wanted someone to wire your new homes electrical circuits, the state requires you to use a licensed electrician. To become licensed that electrician needs to attend educational sessions and pass certain tests to demonstrate their knowledge of the craft. That however again does not ensure they are the person you want to wire your house. You would like the best that is available. In our world there are many electricians to choose from and the best of the craft generally get the most work. In the world of officiating however, there are not that many officials to choose from. Many times an assigner needs 16 officials and has only 14 available to work that day. So every official get hired. Consider what would happen if there was an excess of officials. An assigner then has the ability to choose 16 officials from an availability of 30 who want to work. Are you one of the top 16 quality officials in that group and thus get hired or are you official number 29 and are left at home waiting for an assignment from and other assigner who again has the luxury of choosing 10 officials from a pool of 30.
Don’t let the fact that we have a shortage of officials allow you to become complacent and not become the best you can become at your craft of officiating. Resolve now to become a better official. You will be pleasantly surprised at how good it feels.