Rules Changes for 2018


2018 Volleyball Officials Training Camps
MSU July 16
Albion College July 19 & 20
Choose One Day and resolve To Become A Better Volleyball Official
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  Candy Whitney - candywhitney@rocketmail.com

Kent Neitzert - neitzert@coldwatervolleyball.com

All of our "You Blow The Call" situations are archived here.



Control the match. Be sure you are doing your job as an official to make the match SAFE, FAIR and A REFLECTION OF GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP... >> (read more)


Are you interested in knowing who assigns volleyball officials in your area?
Check out the list on the MHSAA website.

R1 & R2 Prematch Prep

R2 Transitioning

Learn How To Keep Score

Resolve To Become A Better Official - It's Rewarding
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