Volleyball Officials Training Camps
Two Sites; Albion College & Michigan State University
SCOA member Kent Neitzert, with over 28 years of high school and college volleyball officiating experience is organizing this clinic aimed at giving High School level volleyball officials the tools they need to move their officiating game to the next level. If you want to get better you need work at it and this is an excellent opportunity to be observed and critiqued by some of the best officials in the state. Each official will work both as R1 and R2 on several actual matches. Each match will have an observer and after the match the observer and officials will discuss the match and evaluate the official’s skills. There are two clinics this year held in conjunction with high school team camps. You may register for either camp and choose the day that best fits your schedule. You may register for more than one day if you want but you will need to register for each day separately. The cost is $75 per session with your meal included.

Michigan State University - Monday, July 16 (1:00pm - 8:00pm)

Albion College - Thursday & Friday, July 19 & 20 (8:00am - 5:00pm)

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Be sure to include the camp you want to attend, your name, the date you want to attend along with your ability level.
These officials have signed up to attend the camp on the dates indicated.
July 16 - MSU
  1. Edgard Cazal
  2. Chris Choryan
  3. Brad Snowball
  4. Tim Starr
  5. Greg Morris
  6. William Coggins
  7. Mark Kelly
  8. Paul Moore
  9. Robert Dobson
  10. Harold Wingfield
  11. Kourtney Thompson
  12. Joe French
  13. Brian Hunt

July 19 - Albion
July 20 - Albion
  1. Randy Blum
  2. Russ Bortell
  1. Daniel Hanna
  2. Terry Champion