SCOA - South Central Officials Association

SCOA minutes

7-7-2016 General membership meeting;

South Central Officials Association
General Meeting – Thursday, July 7 2016
Harper Creek Administration Office

Attendance: Mike Brown, Dan Dodge, Katie Dolfman, Dave Eubank, Joe French, Cary Grant, Dan Hana, Steve Higgs, Jeff Hodge, Linda Hoover, Kendall Lewis, Laurie Mueller, Carl Olson, Tim Rizor, Ed Shellenberger, Brad Snowball, Mike Whalen, Candy Whitney, Mark Whitney, Augie Zapata,

Call to order Tim Rizor; Members-present introduction; Recognition new members: Dan Hanna and Jeff Hodge; Trainer reports; Acknowledgement of members who worked Districts, Regionals, Post Season play. Dave Eubank recognized for Final in basketball; Trent Heil for Final in 8-Man Football; and, Linda Hoover being recipient of 2016 Vern Norris Award from MHSAA.

Explanation of the MIGS (Members In Good Standing) System:
MIGS System: 6 points (per sport) needed, as well as being current in SCOA dues, for post-season consideration.
Point system:
1. Attending SCOA general meeting – 1 point;
2. Attending sports specific meeting – 2 points;
3. Attending another association meeting (one allowed per sport) – 1 point;
4. Attending an instructional scrimmage – 2 points;
5. Attending Michigan High School Athletic Association, or other sanctioned sports specific camp/clinic (proof of attendance required) – 2 points.
Discussion pertained to last point, regarding proof of attendance. Official’s responsibility to obtain from that clinic/camp a signature of organizer/clinician that they were in attendance.
Vote: 24-0 to adopt MIGS System

NASO Membership:
Agreed to look into further Titanium/Titanium Shied programs offered by National Association of Sports Officials. SCOA Secretary Carl Olson will start process with NASO by submitting our roster. Once NASO has certified and identified those who are currently members the SCOA board will have to determine how much each non-NASO member will pay, in addition to/or combined ($100 total suggested). SCOA Board of Trustees will decide whether to take on the $699 payment for Titanium Shield an added benefits and liability protection package for our association. Final commitment will be up to current SCOA Board of Trustees.

SCOA Website: Presentation made by Kent Neitzert on usage of This service is available to the general membership and officers, trainers as a direct access to SCOA.

Officer Affirmations:
Tim Rizor (President), Linda Hoover (Treasurer), Carl Olson (Secretary) reaffirmed 24-0 each to continue in leadership offices of SCOA. Dave Benham approved 24-0 to fill the vacant member-representative seat on the Board of Trustees.

Meeting adjourned.